My Personal Story

I was recently introduced by a friend to a natural product called Moringa Oleifera from a wonderful company called Zija.  Founded and funded by Mr. Ken Brailsford, co-founder of Nature’s Sunshine and Enrich International, icon of business success and wealth, Entrepreneur of the Year, father of herbal encapsulation, philanthropist.   Mr. Ken Brailsford assembled an outstanding team of business executives, nutritional researchers and product formulators.

I was a little skeptical to try it but if it wasn’t for my buddy who brought it to my attention, I would have never tried it. But, I figured if he tried it and it worked for him then what do I have to lose?

So I drank it once a day for several days as a trial. Amazing the very next day, I already started feeling its effects,  I was in awe!  Besides, having more energy and better sleep, it’s also a natural appetite suppressant which is a nice side benefit, thus I lost 8 pounds in that first week! Then, at exactly one month later – I had lost 15 pounds and was starting to feel myself again. Throughout this, I found that I was not tired, craving sweets or feeling overly hungry during the day.   How do I explain all this?   All I can say is that this plant has helped me tremendously and I feel better and better each day.

So what is it? Moringa is the most nutrient rich botanical ever discovered on the planet. Moringa Oleifera is a tree that won Plant of the year in 2008. It was studied by Johns Hopkins University Medical School and according to them it provides health benefits and disease fighting properties that are unavailable from any other source.

It is endorsed by the World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health, Trees For Life, and the Center for Disease Control, etc. The Discovery Channel made a documentary on this “Miracle Tree”. It provides the body with 92 verifiable nutrients, 46 anti-oxidants, 36 naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents, 20 amino acids including 9 that the body needs to sustain life, and Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Almost hard to believe that one plant could be packed with so much nutritional punch! And all for under 20 Calories! Plus, it has no chemicals, preservatives or concentrates.

Amazing, I’ve now signed up to sell this product because it’s been a miracle for me and tens of people that I know personally here in Columbus, Ohio.  I’m a believer. It truly is a wonder plant.

(please note that Zija International nor myself does not claim to diagnose, cure, heal, prevent or mitigate any disease or illness)